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  • Curriculum Changes in Worship Leader Training at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1980 to 2019 

    Brown, Marcus Waldren (Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySchool of Church Ministries, 2022-11-11)
    The School of Church Music and Department of Biblical Worship at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been training ministers of music, worship pastors, and worship leaders since 1944. During this span, the School ...
  • E.K. Bailey's Hermeneutic for Preaching 

    Boltinghouse, Randall Alan (Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySchool of Theology, 2022-11-01)
    E. K. Bailey’s (1945-2003) pulpit ministry at Concord Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, demonstrated the non-monolithic nature of Black Sacred Rhetoric. Bailey’s preaching employed an author-centered hermeneutic while attending ...
  • Paul and Allegory: Galatians 4:21–31 Revisited 

    Ford, John Jarrett (Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySchool of Theology, 2022-11-11)
    Those engaged in modern hermeneutical debates have begun to look afresh at the apostles for guidance concerning how one should read the Bible. How did the apostles read, and do their methods match those used in modern ...
  • Irenaeus's Defense of the Old Testament as Part of the Canon of Scripture 

    Whitman, John Allen (Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySchool of Theology, 2022-10-17)
    During the second century, emerging Christianity had to wrestle with its understanding of the Jewishness of both Jesus of Nazareth and the Old Testament Scriptures. Two voices emerged within the Church as it wrestled with ...
  • The Tripartite Impact of Pornography Consumption in the Local Church: Brain, Body, and Balance of Life 

    Andrews, Michael Cole (Southern Baptist Theological SeminarySchool of Theology, 2022-12-01)
    The tripartite impact of pornography on the brain, body, and balance of life, as well as the impact on the local church, is in need of further analysis and study. This need grows daily due to the ever increasing availability ...

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